). Participants Of The Group Would Take The Self-Esteem

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). Participants of the group would take the self-esteem scale on intake and when they want to leave the group and see if their self-esteem as shifted in any way. Financial literacy will be measured using the OECD/INFE International Survey of Adult Financial Literacy. An improvement on the score will show improvement of financial literacy. Indicators of success for the financial literacy group will be a decrease of single mothers in debt, and an increase in savings accounts. Indicators of success for the Job seeking and welfare securing class would include the numbers of single mothers in a secure job and number of single mothers that have enrolled in benefits that are able to. Social Work at the Mezzo Level Mezzo-level social work is…show more content…
Social workers will use general organizing and planning skills as they put together classes and build a course schedule according to where the clients are at. The social worker will also need to be able to schedule time with the LCSW to provide clinical services, if needed. Social workers should know resources for their clients that they can coordinate with if need be. The social worker will also need to use time management skills in order to fit in a classes and make sure they are using the time to the fullest potential. Stakeholders, community members, and social workers are all communicating and connecting in order for mezzo-level social work to work. Collaboration is another skill that is needed in order to create programs and achieve success. Social workers and other workers from organizations will need to be able to work together in order for community services to expand in their community, whether it directly affects their organization or not. Personal and Professional Values When working with single mothers in poverty, it is important not to judge them for the position they are in. For instance, it is common for people not to have savings accounts, low credit scores, and many credit cards. I have bought up and taught how to open and make a savings account, open and start an investment account
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