Participants ' Perceptions Of Their Schools

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Participants’ perceptions of their schools’ commitment to providing a multicultural education inclusive of the three domains under inquiry (promotion of cultural competence, cultural socialization, and critical consciousness) were represented under the theme entitled “Patterns of Practices of Diversity and Social Equality Awareness and Multicultural Education”. This theme is representative of all the methods through which our participants’ school systems sought to provide their students with curricula that attempted to expand their understanding of issues surrounding racism and discrimination, as well as expose them to cultures other than the dominant white culture of the United States. These methods are categorized according to the subthemes “Classes”, “Clubs, Organizations, and Events”, “School-wide Practices”, and “No Practices”.
Participants in the current study expressed having been exposed to different cultures in a classroom setting. Much of this exposure occurred in Advanced Placement courses and courses related to the Humanities and Social Sciences, such as History, Government, Social Studies, Language, and Psychology. For example, one participant described an assignment for an AP Spanish class, in which students were given the opportunity to further their knowledge and others’ on a country and culture of their own choosing:
…AP Spanish…you could pick any country and give a presentation about it. [The teacher] made you engage and…learn about different…
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