Participation Backwards Argumentative Essay

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Every year people complain that kids get awards they didn’t earn simply for participating in an event. This is damaging to their future perspective on rewards, which are earned through effort rather than just showing up and giving minimal effort. Giving kids rewards for the effort they exhibit while participating in events can be beneficial, but if you constantly reward children they’ll receive the wrong message. That no matter the amount of effort or what the outcome is you’ll be given a reward. As parents you are not doing the best you can for your kids if you allow this to happen. You are not setting them up for success if you always give them a trophy, especially when they give minimal effort or lose.
Participation trophies are always under scrutiny by many different groups of people. Even with this huge stigma following them, the issue isn’t usually covered by the media or debated on a large scale. That silence was broken when the Pittsburg Steelers
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The most common argument for participation trophies is that by giving the kids trophies for showing up and doing anything, it will keep kids interested in “playing” the game or coming to practice. Until everyone got a trophy for just showing up, they truly meant something. The definition of a trophy is as follows, “something gained or given in victory or conquest especially when preserved or mounted as a memorial” (Merriam-Webster). When did trophies designed to be given as rewards for great victories become the means to get kids show up? Instead we should be giving them ice cream, cookies, or pizza as a reward for showing up. These would get them to participate but are small enough rewards that won’t damage their understanding of the effort really needed to obtain the top

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