Participation Inwards

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Focus on process and progress not results and rewards What most kids don’t know about failure, is that it can be their number one key to success. Making a mistake is like a new and fresh start on how to improve the next time around. When handed a participation award it blocks the sense of accomplishment that is worth much more than any trophy.
The problem with participation trophies is children think it is a good thing to receive participation trophies. Participation trophies only tells participant that everybody is a winner. Merryman explains, “Children need to know that we learn the most through failure and mistakes.” Without failure people would never learn to get back up and try harder. The mistakes they make during a game teaches them to adapt to their surroundings quickly and get back in the game. Maybe everyone is thinking that it has to do with self esteem if athletes like receiving trophies, but that statement has already been denied. “Kids with already high self esteem see the trophies as vindication they really are as wonderful as they see themselves.” (merryman). Athletes that
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They were records of accomplishment.” They may be place holders and records of accomplishment, but they will never understand the feeling, the rush, and the sense of accomplishment that winning gives. That sense of belonging can not be felt by a placeholder, but that feeling they make by themselves. “Once they master a skill, they won’t need manufactured praise to tell them they’ve done well. They’ll know it. And they’ll be thrilled. Like the child who just learned to tie her shoes. That sense of accomplishment is worth more than any trophy.” (Merryman). Winning and knowing they have done well and all of their work has payed off, will push them more than a participation
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