Participation Of South Sinai 's Local Residents

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Participation of South Sinai 's Local Residents in Sustainable Tourism Development

Waleed Radwan Mahfouz Ibrahim Mohammed Aly Youssef
Tourism Studies Department – Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management -Helwan University


Tourism development has major impacts on local residents and their participation in tourism development plays a vital role in its success. Although, there is substantial literature related to local residents’ participation in tourism development, it mainly focuses on developed countries or mature tourism destinations in developing countries. There is lack of literature on local residents’ participation in developing countries, especially where tourism development is new. Decision-makers and planners often, in the developing countries where tourism development is new, tend to involve public and private sectors without a full consideration of local residents’ participation in tourism development. This research explores local residents ' participation in tourism development in South Sinai in Egypt.

Although South Sinai is endowed with all the elements of a highly-competitive tourism destination - rich culture and heritage and virgin lands waiting to be explored, local residents do not benefit by participation in tourism development. This is due to the lack of experience among key stakeholders.

Two main phases of fieldwork and data collection were conducted: The first phase: involves in-depth, one-to-one, semi-structured interviews
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