Participation Pleasures For Kids Essay

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Participation Trophies can be good for Kids “The whole notion that we are creating a nation of wimps because we hand out participation trophies is only the case if we want it to be. These awards only detract from creating a competitive society if we let them do so” (Priceman). Participation trophies can be good if everyone will let them be. Society portrays if they’re good or bad. Participation awards can encourage and develop high self-esteem. “Rewarding accomplishment is part of the education process, but it needs to be refined properly so everyone understands it” (Priceman). Most people these days take a participation award as a bad thing that they didn’t do good enough, or that they need to grow more in that activity. Some parents tell their kids it’s bad to get a participation award. They also beat them up or get angry that they just participated. When the children become adults, they do that same thing for those children as a ripple effect. This does not help kids see their accomplishment. “ Instead of focusing on everything wrong with a child receiving a participation award, let’s think about what might happen if we never rewarded accomplishment” (Priceman)…show more content…
Theres 5.5 million teenagers that have self-esteem problems. Half of that is due to not getting a participation trophy. Abate states, “Any kind of honor can make a young kid feel as if he or she meant something to the team, and that could boost the child’s self-confidence -- children today need as much of that as they can get in our society.” Awards can really boost their confidence. This society gives them self-esteem problems due to other life challenges. They need more acknowledgment to help them stay positive. “ While not all children will win the championship, working with a group of peers with the goal of succeeding teaches them that in life, teamwork and giving it your all is important”
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