Participation Trophies For A Child's Growth And Development

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In the last couple years, society has debated if participation trophies are important in a child’s growth and development, or are they a complete waste of time. In today’s society, many children are given a participation trophy for just showing up whether they win or lose or even play. The problem in doing this is, we are giving children the idea that it doesn’t matter if you try or not, you’ll leave with a trophy at the end of the day. Giving kids the idea that they will always get something creates the idea that they will never fail. In the real world they will fail and why not prepare the kids for this experience gradually while they are growing up? Kids need to know that in order to better themselves in work, school, or sports; they need to work hard, try harder, and never give up. There will always be someone better than them, but you want to always strive to do better, to do your best. This topic has become a very fascinating argument in many parent groups. What people need to understand is that it isn’t necessarily the child getting the participation trophy that is the issue. It is the message we give them when we give it to them. Participation trophies have a negative effect on children and handing them out should be stopped. Children can become successful in life with or without the participation trophies being handed out. Parent groups have said that children need the participation trophies in order to boost self-esteem. When the topic has something to
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