Participation in Urban Planning of China

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Participation in urban planning of China Introduction With the development of society and economic, public participation has been a popular topic which attracted people from different fields. On the basic of various theories of urban planning, a great amount of market economy countries have successively established public participation system in the field of urban planning. These successful experiences provide a good guide for China urban planning to use for reference, the changes in Chinese politics, economic system and social culture also provide an opportunity to do a new change on urban planning system of China. This article mainly introduces three planning theories which represent different degrees of participation in urban planning, and then an analysis of these three theories in connection to the status of urban planning of China will be provided. At the end of this article, I will give out several improvements in relation to the issues in urban planning of China. Rational-comprehensive planning theory Auguste Comte has offered rational-comprehensive planning theory in 18th century, who first put forward the concept of the theory. He believes that people could realize a superior state of civilization with the help of science of technology and sociology,which is still the mainstream urban planning thought by now (Mäntysalo, 2005). The core thought of the theory of rational-comprehensive planning is the combination of the approaches of classical science with the
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