Participative Leadership And Human Resource Management Essay

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The aim of this report is to present the findings of how a Participative Leadership (PL) style could work in the Hospitality industry. This will also include research on the advantages and challenges of implementing this style; and how it would aid effective kitchen communication and human resource management. What is Participative Leadership? Participative Style is where decisions are made with the most feasible amount of participation from those who are affected by the leaders’ decision (Grimsley, Participative Leadership Style: Definition, Theory & Examples, 2015). It requires the leader to ask on the team to share ideas and observations in order to come to a decision. Although the team has input into the decision, the leader ultimately has the task of the final decision. Participative leadership can be divided into three subtypes because it encompasses so many forms of behaviours. Consultative leaders use skills, ideas and experiences of others, although the leader still retains the final decision making power (Brown, 2007). Consensus leaders strive for consensus. All team members who will be involved in the consequences of the final decision have the ability to provide input. A decision is not made final until all team members at least support it. Democratic leaders being one of the most used style of leadership around the world, confer final authority on the group. It redistributes the power and authority to the group by taking a vote on the final decision (Grimsley,
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