Participative Leadership Style Analysis

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One skill that will help me develop as a leader is utilizing the participative leadership skill when needed. Participative leadership shares decision making with group members. According to the text, participative leadership encompasses so many behaviors that it can be divided into three subtypes: consultative, consensus, and democratic (Dubrin, 2010). Out of these three subtypes being a consultative leader can be very helpful. Consultative leaders confer with group members before making a decision. However, they retain the final authority to make decisions. Participative leadership not only encourage teamwork but the participative style is based on management openness because the leader accepts suggestions for managing the operation from group members.
Another skill that I would like to further develop is selecting the best leadership style. There is no one best or most effective leadership style. The text states that, a study of 3,000 executives revealed that leaders who get the best results do not rely on one style. Instead, they use several different styles in one week, such as being autocratic in some situations and democratic in others (Dubrin,
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The associates can feel delighted of their contributions and attempt to make more. I will practice this method when making miniscule decisions at work. I will ask the associates what they think about the situation and allow any feedback. This goal is attainable because most people will like to give their input whether it is needed or not. Involving associates is a realistic approach. It will allow them to think they were the ones who made the decision. I will know that I mastered this method when my associates are more engaged in their work. I can have this skill mastered with continuous
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