Essay about Participative Leadership Style

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Participative Leadership Style In providing leadership guidance to employees with the purpose to motive and influence employees, I would use the Participative Leadership Style. The Participative Leadership style addresses the improvements for increasing the productivity of employees as well as providing satisfactory to the employees. A leader can certainly appreciate the Participative Leadership Style because it is orientated to empower the employees by encouraging participation in the decisions process that directly affects the employees. As a manger if I utilize this style I will have the benefits of building trust with the employees, being able to have open communication with the employees and promoting job…show more content…
Manger should always remember that the goal of the participative leader ship style is to enhance the employees’ quality of their work life. Strategies of Participative Leadership According to the research and reading of (Kristi M. Branch, 2002) “ Lawler (1993:174-177) emphasized the strategic benefits of participative management, could be made rapid and flexibly when power is moved to the lowest possible level, and that workers are empowered and motivated by changes. Overhead costs can be greatly reduced, increasing the organization’s competitive advantage.” Strategies and techniques t hat I would use in my leadership style of Participative Management would be as followed. 1. I would make employees aware of company economics status through information sharing. 2. I would develop opportunities for employees to train and raise their skill levels. 3. I would allow employees to utilize the skills that they have to enhance the changes in the organization. 4. I would allow employees to make decision on schedule and budgets that concerns them as a group. 5. As a leader, I would put in place an appraisal and Rewards system to the performance and ideals. 6. I would implement power-sharing strategies, through survey feedbacks, or committees that enable employees to apply their knowledge The Participative Management style strategies and tactics
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