Particula Lift Phobia Case Study

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There are fears which are healthy and can be separated from extended fears in phobias. The patient in phobia case feels troubled with overstated, unreasonable fear and anxiety confronting direct contact with a certain object the lift and situation that stimulate immediately panic attack. The possibility of exposing their certain fear or certain situation could have an effect on the nature of response (Flykt, 2005). Mrs. F also is conscious that this situation of anxiety is irrational and it does affect in her daily life with a matter of phobia reaction. According to some researches if this phobia it lasts up to six months then it is classified in the group of suffering from phobia disorder (American Psychiatric Association, 2000).
Phobia defined as a learning behaviour, is an extreme form of fear which can be triggered by a …show more content…

People have difficulties to distinguish between the realities they face, but they do concentrate more on their experiences. Lift phobia is considered as a threatened believes affright by getting stalled and having no capability to get out, by increasing the fear and putting it in an inevitable danger situation and setting up and increasing the state of anxiety towards a panic attack (Lefton L., 1997). However, there is not enough evidence to prove, why some people developed this specific phobia. Furthermore some researchers suggested that understanding the cause of these fear is not important to control, because most people are conscious of their fear, already know and over analyzed their fear logically, so do not have to fear or getting embarrassed of getting trapped and unable to escape when anxiety occurs, but they find way to adapt and live with that fear. Anxiety will not kill me; there are a lot of unpleasant things in the world (Ellis A.

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