Partition Is The Gateway For Mass Hatred Between Hindus And Muslims

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Partition itself was the gateway for mass hatred between Hindus and Muslims. Following partition as majority of Hindus, Sikh, and Muslim relocated into India and Pakistan based on their respective religions, the Hindu majority being represented by India and the Muslim majority represented by Pakistan. Several people did go to their respective ‘sides’ following the partition, feeling as though the two religious groups truly were separate people, however not every one took part in this migration, some Muslims and Hindus chose not to relocate despite their religious interests. The short story Toba Tek Singh written by Saadat Hasan Manto and the visual medium Garahm Hawa (1975) by M.S. Sathyu demonstrate how everyday religious politics in modern South Asia began to impact the families and loyalties, of those Muslims, Sikhs, and Hindus who stood by their choice to remain loyal to where and who they were before partition. This reading and visual material are classic examples of how everyday people lives are ultimately shaped by their environment, and how South Asian religious politics shaped many peoples views and interactions with one another. After a massive amount people decided to leave this created a tension between people from both sides and gaining a sense of nationalism by excluding people from the other side became the norm, this allowed religious politics to change the everyday life of individuals. Sathyu uses Salim Mizra and his family to represent the immediate impact…
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