Partition Is The Gateway For Mass Hatred Between Hindus And Muslims

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Partition itself was the gateway for mass hatred between Hindus and Muslims. Following partition as majority of Hindus, Sikh, and Muslim relocated into India and Pakistan based on their respective religions, the Hindu majority being represented by India and the Muslim majority represented by Pakistan. Several people did go to their respective ‘sides’ following the partition, feeling as though the two religious groups truly were separate people, however not every one took part in this migration, some Muslims and Hindus chose not to relocate despite their religious interests. The short story Toba Tek Singh written by Saadat Hasan Manto and the visual medium Garahm Hawa (1975) by M.S. Sathyu demonstrate how everyday religious politics in…show more content…
Manto uses his main character Bishan Singh’s, a formerly wealthy landowner in Toba Tek Singh, a place in Pakistan, with a fragile sense of what the partition involved, to highlight the partitions negative impact on an individual’s sense of loyalty to where they feel they should and have always belonged. Manto and Sathyu use their stories to show the complex relationships of individuals to their homeland and the large implications religious politics have on their social, familial and ancestral relationships in South Asia. Partition led to the unraveling of several investments that Muslims had to support their lives in India before partition. The film Garahm Hawa (1975) highlights the shoe manufacturing business of the Mirzas, a Muslim family living in a house filled with ancestral history for their family, in India. Salim Mirza attempts to acquire business loans from the banks and moneylenders while in India but is turned down simply because he is Muslim. The film shows how Salim and his family face terrible misfortunes because of their Muslim loyalties, the family loses their historic home and one by one they begin to move away. Initially, the film shows that even though they are Muslims, the family respect and care for India, until the country continues to tear them apart for who they are. Sathyu uses
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