Partnership And Group Effect To Succeed.Research Has Shown

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partnership and group effect to succeed. Research has shown that when success is attained that this needs to be recognized and celebrated. As we were restricting and transforming the organization, we decided that it was important to implement a reward system. We began having weekly team meetings and workers that were complaint free were rewarded with paid time off, movie tickets or gift cards. It began to motivate and excite other workers to be more engaged and perform at higher levels. As the part of the leadership team, we set into place principles and values to guide the workers in the directions that we wanted them to go. We did this by leading by example. It has been shown that some of the most prominent companies set good…show more content…
Though there were clear defined lines to eliminate unethical fraternization, we solicited transparent feedback to make everyone better. It was important to know that there was a need to have effective leader to have a productive crew of workers.
What type of leadership would you classify yourself as in this situation?
As mentioned earlier, in describing the transformational leader, this classification was assumed in this role with a hybridization of situational. This organization had to be totally revamped from the upper management to the most entry-level position. The overall thought process had to be changed beginning with the upper management. This was a hard but needed conversation in order for the organization to thrive. They were forced to go back and revisit the original missions and goals and make adjustments. Once we were able to get the upper leaders engaged again, the process of transformation became easier.
Motivation in the project - Challenge for me and others The motivation for the project came from the sheer fact of knowing that there was greatness in this company that was on the brink of losing a major contract. The motivation came from the fact that this was a vision that my friend had worked on for many years and they just needed a lifeline. The lifeline came through facing some harsh realities
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