Partnerships Between Parents And Social Workers

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In this assignment I will be researching and exploring partnerships between social workers and parents. Partnerships are formed and tested everyday and in many different places, for example: in businesses, organizations and many more environments. Partnerships can be displayed when two or more agencies have arrangements that enable them to work together (Lymbery, 2005). Everywhere you go there is bound to be a partnership forming. We usually think of partnerships being between person-to-person, but they can also be between business-to-business and even customer to business. When referring to an early years setting, Jones (2004) believed
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Social workers are employed by the government and work with a wide range of people, for example; children in care, families who need support, adolescents who are in trouble with the law, as well as adults who need assistance during their every day lives (NHS 2006). The aim of social work is to build a partnership whist providing practical support and emotional support to children and their families (Hall & Slembrouck, 2009). They exist to help people in need, however throughout the years barriers have formed that prevent successful relationships (Croft, Beresford, & Adshead, 2007).

Many families can be troubled, overwhelmed and burdened with multiple problems. Therefore many social workers, new and experienced, may find some work extremely challenging (Collins, Jordan, & Coleman, 2010). Whether social workers are helping individuals, families or communities, helping people with complicated and complex psychological, health, social or financial problems become a part of their everyday lives (Ritter & Kiernan-Stern, 2009). Unfortunately however, social workers have not developed the best reputation when it comes to parents. On a parent’s discussion board in 2012, Ruth Marie quotes; “I think it is about time steps were taken to reduce the powers of social workers. I have been a foster care for nearly 13 years and I am not impressed with how the system works at all” (FRG, 2012).

Some parents believe that
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