Parts Of A Whole History

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PARTS OF A WHOLE HISTORY Jewellery has been around since the stone age, after the Neanderthals had gained the knowledge of cutting and molding, accordingly the origin of jewellery box can be traced for over the centuries, however the exact reference to the first ever made jewellery box is not easily available. Throughout history a jewellery box was at times considered as a casket and also treated as miniature treasure chests. People would typically craft them from the high quality and exceptional materials. They were once regarded as a symbol of wealth and luxury and hence were originally designed for royalty and priests, who could afford to own valuables and were designed by local craftsmen and artisans. Keeping jewellery safe and in a good condition is the primary motive of a jewellery box. Initially they made trinket boxes which were smaller in size as compared to a multicompartmental jewellery box. Some had myriad compartments, drawers, trays, and velvet slots for rings which were made in different sizes. Besides jewellery boxes, manufacturing snuff and tea box was a common phenomenon, however the origin of boxes with or without lids in general is also not specified we can only trace it after the rise of trade and commerce where the very first jewellery box might have been a ceramic jar which was a typical material to carry goods in ancient
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