Pascack Valley: Hospital Review

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Introduction Pascack Valley is a proposed hospital to be sited in Northern New Jersey. It is proposed to be a 300 bed hospital in a four-story building. The hospital will have 20 ICUs and 10 operating theatres with a proposed staffing of 600, 400 of who will be doctors and 200 support staff. The hospital will be primarily a trauma hospital but will also serve to provide general outpatient clinic services to the general public. The hospital will also have a free clinic which will charge minimal fees to assist those who are not financially able to procure medical services. The hospital will also have a medical college with a capacity of about 400 students 200 doctors, 100 nurses and 50 psychology and 50 physiotherapy. The hospital's mission is to provide care and support to its patients and to provide healing and learning opportunities to all. The vision is to differentiate Pascack Valley hospital from the rest of the competition through providing the most comprehensive care that is patient friendly. Our values are quality, customer service, excellence, efficiency, safety and compassion. The hospital will have the following departments. Orthopedics, physiotherapy, radiology, obstetrics & gynecology, general medicine, general surgery, cardiology, oncology, neurology, ophthalmology, pediatrics, and pathology. In terms of collaboration, the hospital intends to collaborate with Hackensack University Medical Center North at Pascack Valley. The initial setup expenses for the
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