Pascal Jean Daigle And The World War I

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Pascal Jean Daigle was one of countless soldiers that fought and died for Canada in the First World War, which spanned from July 28th, 1914 until November 11th, 1918. The First World War acted as a breaking point for the tremendous amount of tension building up in the European Union and was the first time that our global community came together and converged against one common enemy. This time of war brought many deaths and affected millions of people. While this war hurt so many, it showed the enemies of the Allied Forces that the Allies were not a force to be thought of lightly and that together countries are much stronger than when separated. World War one is commonly known for its bloody battlefields, the closest thing humans have seen to hell on earth. The fields were scattered with dead bodies, and behind every single body was a family praying that their father, husband, or brother would come home. In the year of 1915, when Pascal enlisted, conscription was not formally introduced by the government. But by the work of propaganda and pressure from society it was very common for a young man like Pascal to enlist in the Canadian Expeditionary Force (CEF). Contrary to Pascal’s life at war and in training, his life previous to the World War was quite slow paced.

Life in the 1900’s was far from easy, but it was truly a relaxed and slower way of living than what we currently know, the war…

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