Paschal Candle Liturgy Research Paper

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Church is a celebration of our God, Lord and the Holy Spirit. Liturgy of Holy Week services brought festival to my heart, the life, death, and resurrection of Christ. Noteworthy on Good Friday a deep sadness fills my soul as I reflected on what mankind / we did to the Son of God, our Lord Jesus Christ on this day. My personal reflection of this world today, and the continual sins which run wild in the hearts of some people.

Paschal Candle Liturgy, triumph over death and then lite the Paschal candle, imitating, Christ is our light. Let us walk and live in the light.
The Prayers, thanks for Christ and the Holy Spirit. Thanks for creation and all that God has done for us.
Processional Hymn, Praise Hymn, Gradual Hymn, Offertory Hymn, and the Recessional Hymn. Our singing in one voice, to glorify our Lord.
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God gave us Jesus Christ his Son, so we can be forgiven of our sins and have life in Heaven. Christ blood on the cross, his death and his resurrection, Jesus Christ paid the price for our sins.
The renewal of Baptismal: renewal our commitment to Christ, new birth by water and Holy Spirit.
Prayers of the People: Our prayers for different features of our church, our prayers for the poor, our leaders. The petitions are series of requests, asking our Father to deliver us from, sin, and destruction of natural disasters, war, and or terrorist.
The Holy Eucharist, use of prayer
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