Paschal Mystery : Central And Catholic Faith

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Paschal Mystery is central to Catholic faith and fundamental to salvation theology. The Paschal Mystery is most directly associated with the passion, death, resurrection, and glorification of Jesus Christ. This research paper explores the meaning, effect, and working of the Paschal Mystery and how the faithful actively participates in the Paschal Mystery today. Other Paschal Mystery themes will be explored within the context of the New Testament to include: (1) life is greater than death, (2) forgiveness is greater than sin and (3) light is greater than darkness.
Etymology of Paschal Mystery
“The word Paschal is the English adjectival of the Greek word pascha, which is derived from the Hebrew word pesah (or pesach), which means passover” (St. Mary’s Press, 1) see the pdf to get footnote info. Paschal pertains to the Jewish feast of Passover, when the Exodus as the path from slavery to freedom is celebrated and the Passover lamb is slain and eaten” (Harrington, 30). Harrington, Daniel J. "Celebrating the Paschal Mystery." America Mar 2008: 30-1. ProQuest. 15 Nov. 2014 The Passover foreshadows God’s plan for salvation and there are numerous parallels between the Passover and the saving work of Christ as listed below:
• People dominated by foreign entities – Egyptian and Roman
• Savior to lead them to freedom – Moses and Jesus
• New Code of Life – Ten Commandments and Beatitudes
• Save by shedding of innocent blood – Paschal Lamb and Christ
• Let to different state – No…
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