Pass Out Persuasive Speech

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You wake up feeling something cold on your cheek and a cold breeze across your whole face. You slowly open your eyes to see where you are and see that you are surrounded by stone walls and you realize that its night. You look around and feel something trickle down the side of your forehead, making you dizzy you can see the sun start to rise and you think to yourself that before you pass out you need to try to find someone to help you because you would not die hear you might have a fami- you stop you can’t remember anything you can just remember one name your name. Alex. You think to yourself that you might not know if you had a family or and friends, but you will not die without any memories you promise yourself that you will make friends or at least try not to die in a place that only has stone walls with ivy growing on…show more content…
You make an effort to stand up which makes you dizzy again. You steady yourself on the wall and try to make the black dots disappear. Once you clear the black spots away you try to jog to find something or someone. You’ve been jogging for what seem like hours and you stop in your tracks because you needed to catch your and make the spots disappear, but they don’t they just grow bigger and bigger you try to make yourself walk so that you could find someone before you pass out. You try to walk slowly so that you won't pass out and you also hold onto the wall to stable yourself. You walk for a few more minutes before you see a slight opening to someplace with grass and other people who seem to be all boys working. The dots start to grow bigger and bigger and almost completely cover your vision so you quickly start to run into the area of where the boys were you want to get someone’s attention before you pass out which would be any
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