Passenger Delays

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The least thing a passenger wants to encounter when waiting for a flight is a delay. Delays and cancellations in today’s commercial flights have become the fear and shadow from anyone who desires to use airplanes as their method of transportation. Delays account for a big percentage of complaints at airline counters. Many factors could lead to a delay; weather and maintenance are the most common. But, what is a customer suppose to do when encountering such mishap? What rights assure the well-being of a passenger? An Airline ticket is a contract; in this agreement, airlines are obligated to transport the passenger and to comply with the agreed parameters. Compared to Europe, the States are behind when it comes to passenger rights (virtually …show more content…
Passenger Rights
In the United States, airlines are not compelled to compensate passengers if the flight is delayed or cancelled. The truth is that some carriers deal with situations like this better than others and all of them have their own personal policies; but there are no actual federal laws protecting passengers. The most common answer from an airline is to give the passenger a flight in the next available flight and no reimbursement for the money or time lost. In some cases the airline, out of the “goodness of their hearts” MAY pay for some meals, or perhaps a phone call. It doesn’t hurt to ask the airline personnel for more options (if any).
Even if most rights do not deal with delays, it is always useful to know what can be done could a bad situation cross someone’s path. Unexpected events come up in moments of rush, and a flight is the perfect example. This is why is very useful to know some solutions to these unexpected events.
Common scenarios
1) When the passenger has in his/her possession a confirmed reservation, that person has, to some extent, secured the spot in the aircraft (unless the flight is overbooked). No personnel can deny that person the boarding even if that number does not
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