Passing by Nella Larsen

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Another issue that Nella Larsen brings up in her story, Passing, is the aspect of lesbianism. Before the Harlem Renaissance began, people back then were not very open about being a gay or lesbian person. As the years progressed, people became more open about their sexuality if they happened to be different. The Harlem Renaissance was a time period that is known for the blossoming culture of African Americans. The Harlem Renaissance took place in the vicinity of Harlem, New York. This event was a cultural movement for the African American community. It opened the gates for many people to express themselves through visual art, literature, music and other creative activities that gave them the freedom to express their feelings as they …show more content…
The first glimpse of homosexuality that Larsen incorporates into her novel is, “An attractive-looking woman…with those dark, almost black, eyes and that wide mouth like a scarlet flower against the ivory of her skin” (15-16). Before Irene even recognized that the woman was Clare, she was instantly attracted to her. When one really looks into Larsen’s story, Passing, the reader can assume that Irene and her husband, Brian, do not have many sexual encounters with each other because Larsen states that Irene and Brian sleep in different beds and they go even further by sleeping in separate bedrooms. In the literary analysis, Passing – Nella Larsen written by Kinna, she mentions that Brian wants to quit his job in American and he wants to move to Brazil. If sleeping in different bedrooms is not enough to put Brian and Irene’s marriage on the line, then Brian wanting to settle down and move to Brazil will do the trick. As if Irene and Brian’s marriage is not on the rocks already, Irene goes and makes it worse because she just goes on ahead and assumes that her husband, Brian, and Clare are having an affair behind her back. Nella Larsen makes it sort of easy for Irene to make this assumption because Clare and Brian got awfully close to one another and Clare’s husband is a successful businessman, which most likely means that he travels almost all of the time. In the novel, both women are severely lacking sexual encounters
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