Passion Essay: My Passion: Passion And Passion

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A very strong feeling about a person or thing, an intense emotion, a compelling enthusiasm or desire for something. That is what they call Passion.

So what is my passion? What is it that I love doing? How is it reflected in my work, daily life and life’s journey?

Love and Passion for the Arts.

Mickey mouse, Donald Duck, Niknok, Voltes Five, flowers, houses with farmland and nature, Haring Matsutsu, Superman, Spiderman, Tom & Jerry...they are my favorite subjects you will see on my notebooks when I was on my primary years. I love seeing them come to life using my pencils and coloring pens. I sometimes imagine myself as one of the characters on sketches. Who would have thought that the passion sketching those cartoon characters during
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It was actually a struggle for a student who never had a basic drafting background in secondary school. Architecture is both interesting and challenging. Artistic ability, creativity and drawing skills are essential for someone aiming to finish the course. A lot of extensive drawings and model making in details will require a lot of time and patience. Production of plates and presentation materials requires a lot of hard work. Numerical proficiency for estimation, structural computations, surveying and other mathematical computations are one of the most challenging part for me. Architecture is not just a science, but also an art, one must need to be really passionate to be able to overcome those challenges and enjoy…show more content…
All the sacrifices and the sleepless nights vanish once you start witnessing your plans and drawings being built to reality. It gives a lot of fulfillment and makes everything else worthwhile and meaningful. Same goes with our everyday lives, our family matters a lot. That’s why we often hear about “work-life balance”. Life is not all about work. We need a family to share with the fruit of our labors, our achievements. If not for our family, all our achievements are all meaningless and that is where complete satisfaction sets

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