Passion For Theatre Research Paper

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You like to watch movies, right? Or go to a play, maybe even watch a performance on Broadway. Well there is one thing that is necessarie for those things to have, actors, actresses, play writers, directors, the list just keeps going on and on. But there is one thing all those people have in common, a passion for theatre. A passion needs to start young, as young as elementary school. Less and less schools are offering a theatre curriculum as time goes on, that means less and less of a chance for there to be a next Oscar-award winning actor or actress. This may not seem like a huge problem now. You may be thinking “Umm… I think we are set on actors right now thank you,” And your right, acting is one of the careers that you can have for the longest amount of time. But, we may not be… We need to start putting theatre programs back into schools.

Most know that a passion usually starts young. According to, big actors such as Oscar-nominated KEIRA KNIGHTLEY started her acting career when she was only 7 years old. Well, 7 years old usually is 1st-2nd grade, that is only 1 to 2 years
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What I’m saying is that schools across the nation should at least give their students the opportunity. Now there is no excuse to be the 9th richest country in the world, make about $3.654 TRILLION dollars a year and use the excuse that “they don't have the financial resources needed to fund each school” But yet they make enough money to fund at LEAST HALF of the schools in America, but that is a whole other topic of conversation.

I wrote this because I’m passionate about acting, I want there to be more of it in the world. In fact there SHOULD be more of it in the world. More kindness, more laughs and more joy. That all can be achievable through theatre. We NEED to give the children in school more of a chance to enjoy the magic of theatre. We MUST give ALL schools a theatre
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