Passionately In-Love Even After All These Years? It’s Possible

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Passionately In-Love Even After All These Years? It’s Possible It's easy enough to promise a lifetime commitment with someone. But keeping at it is almost something that is easier said than done. With temptations and issues of indifference lurking around in every corner, it is just utterly impossible to stay head-over-heels in love. This is in spite of every good reason you fell in love in the first place. It's a bitter truth that every relationship--old and new, must acknowledge. The nightmare of it all is when things gets overly dry either of you just isn’t as excited for anything more than just seeing each other. The secret to a happy relationship is one that starts and stays passionately about each other. Managing a career and raising…show more content…
Make a rule that the last weekend of the month, you will hire a babysitter for the weekend or ask your parents to mind the children while you take a romantic weekend away. While away, plan it so you can fulfil each other's sexual fantasies that weekend. The break might only be for two days but it will do your sex life a world of good! 3. Even when life does get hectic and you find that there is no time for sex, you need to step back and MAKE TIME FOR SEX. Set aside one night a week for adult play where you spend the night pleasuring each other. It doesn't always have to lead to full sex but it will be a great chance for you two to explore each other and show that there is still a mutual attraction between the both of you. No matter how many times you see your spouse naked you can still find out new things about each other with exploration and time. 4. Don't make the mistake of comparing your sex life to those of others. Yes, some couples find the time to have sex seven times a week, but you don't have to feel you have to be the same. Remember not every couple is the same. If you and your partner try to live up to every other couple you know, you'll exhaust yourself. As your relationship grows, your sex life changes. As long as you and your partner are happy, stop worrying. Besides, all those couples who brag about still having sex "at least twice a day" could be lying. You don't know the in's and
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