Passive Voice and Experimental Aircraft Association Essay

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Grown up and working with these machines today I can pursue my lifelong dream of involvement in the new aviation world. An organization with these same dreams that has been making them reality for many years is called [Passive voice ] the Experimental Aircraft Association. The Experimental Aircraft Association was founded [Passive voice ] by Paul Howard Poberenzy in January 1953. In what started out as a group who gathered together to aid and assist amateur aircraft builders quickly became the go to organization for sport aviation, preservation of America’s [Contractions are inappropriate in academic writing--write it out] rich heritage of personal flight and the promotion of aviation safety. With Experimental Aircraft Association Local Chapter 14 based in San Diego, California [If this is a city and state combination, surround the state name with commas] to Local Chapter 594 based in Long Island, New York [Comma after state name] the resources of who’s who in aviation and potential job growth in an aviation carrier is endless (Experimental Aircraft Association, 2011). In July 2001 the EAA collaborated with the National [Do not capitalize without the complete name of the institution (unless in a citation or as the first word in a sentence)] Aeronautics and Space Agency (NASA), and published a book called "Wild Blue Wonders: Exploring the Magic of Flight" that was written to educate and
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