Passivity Vs. Passion In The Perks Of Being A Wallflower Essay

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Passivity Vs. Passion The Perks of Being a Wallflower is by no means a typical narrative. Taking the form of an epistolary novel presented as a series of letters from a boy who calls himself Charlie, but notes that he will change names and minor details so for the sake of his anonymity, the short novel tackles themes such as pedophilia, drug use, depression, abortion and many more complex issues. Stuck in the middle of the mix is a young boy who certainly is not the archetypal protagonist, the novel's wallflower. Subjected to witness the hardships of those around him, he rarely goes out on a limb to achieve much gratification for himself, remaining socially dormant instead. However, in The Perks of Being a Wallflower, author Stephen …show more content…
When Charlie finishes each book he is to write an essay for Bill, which will be graded for Charlie's sake, though these grades have no effect on Charlie's overall grade in the class, as he typically earns a C on many of the first essays he turns in to Bill, yet maintains an A in the class. Just how far ahead of the rest of the class Charlie is can be measured by the fact that when it comes time to take the second semester final in Bill's class, Charlie has a hard time remembering details about the book he is to write an in-class essay for--The Great Gatsby--because it was only the forth of twelve books that Bill gave him to read. In addition to the twelve books Charlie speaks of in his letters, he is also given seven movies to watch, and listens to one song with Bill, which he plays for Charlie when the two join Bill's girlfriend dinner as they part for summer vacation. The similarity in the art that Bill turns Charlie on to is anything but inconspicuous; even Charlie mentions his noticing the common style after reading The Great Gatsby and A Separate Peace. Having been educated at a university in the West which was completely pass/fail, there is little sense in wondering why so many of the pieces of literature and film that Bill lends Charlie have to do with education reform. Examples include the movie Dead Poets Society, where Robin Williams' character--a teacher--deplores

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