Passport Application Declaration 1

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Your Passport Application What to do now Your passport details: Application 2640039260 Mr Ross Arthur John Chapman , Adult Renewal, £72.50 PLEASE PRINT OFF THIS DOCUMENT AT ACTUAL SIZE Thank you for submitting your details and payment for a British passport. To complete the application please follow the steps below. If you don’t send us the information we need it may delay the application. 1) Declaration Fill in the form on page 2. For child applications the form must be signed by an adult with parental responsibility for the child. For children aged 12-15 we need a signature from the child and the adult. 2) Supporting Documents Review the document check list. Send us the documents listed. We only accept original versions or…show more content…
• • • • • be taken against a plain cream or plain light-grey background be printed to a high quality, such as photos printed by a booth or studio (photographs printed at home are unlikely to be of high enough quality) be clear and in sharp focus be taken within the last month be in colour on plain white photographic paper not be torn, creased, or marked, and not have any writing on the front or back – except when one of the photos needs to be certified. Children Children aged five and under do not need to have a neutral expression or look directly at the camera. Babies under one don’t need to have their eyes open. If the baby’s head needs to be supported, the supporting hand must not
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