Passport Automation System

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Virtual Tutor Passport Automation System 1.Objective: To develop the passport automation system software using UML language. It is the interface between applicant and authority responsible for issue the passport. It aims at improving efficiency and reducing complexities. 2.Scope: The system provides the online interface to the user where we can fill their form and personal detail with necessary proof. The authority concerned with the issue of passport can use this system to reduce is workload and process it speedy manner. It provides communication platform between administrator and applicant. To transfer the data between passport authority and local police verifying the applicant’s information. 3.Project…show more content…
Then the passport can be checked and signed the post record the accepted the passport. Passport Automation System Page 4 of 20 Virtual Tutor 6.Domain model: A domain is a visual representation of conceptual classes or real situation object in a domain. *In object-oriented analysis, the domain model is the most important. *It illustrates the concept in the domain. *It acts as a source of inspiration for designing some software objects. In our project, when we are entered into the corresponding web page, we can perform the operation such as status information, fill the form, verification is done in the web site. DIAGRAM:……… 8.Logical architecture: The logical architecture is the large-scale organization of software classes into packages, sub classes and layers. This is called logical architecture. DIAGRAM…… 9.Risk architecture: It defines that some process loss, or any problem can be faced while creating the project. *Software risk: Passport Automation System Page 5 of 20 Virtual Tutor If the software for passport automation, it is works very fast, after some times software works very slowly because of virus attack. It can be rectified by the new way. *Hardware risk: If the hardware component is suddenly burn or broke down due to over burden, while creating the project. *Non-function risk: Due to failure of Hardware and software, then it can’t be
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