Past And Present Race Riots

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Jessica Bercow 3/16/2016 HIUS 146 Luis Alvarez Past and Present Race Riots Throughout history riots have been the way for underrepresented people to make their voices hear and spur a change. One of the first riots in American history was the Boston Tea Party and as a result, the people achieved their goal. The riots and violence related to race that have happened in in more recent decades have shaped how our world is today. During the course of this class, we discussed the racial riots and how they were influenced by the economic and political issues going on during the time frame of the uprisings. Each riot we discussed was a result of either political or economic conditions and sometimes even both. Its been 100 hundred years since…show more content…
Martin Luther King Jr was an influential figure during this time. He led thousands of African American citizens in nonviolent protests to fight for their rights. In Tennessee 1968 he was assassinated, the non violent riots died with him. In over 100 cities riots broke out some of the some of most notable were in Washington D.C, Chicago, and Baltimore. The age of peaceful protests was over. The DC riots destroyed the city and economy, businesses closed, jobs were lost and people were fleeing the city. The crime rates rose, driving even more people to leave the city and (LECTURE Feb 22). The West side of Chicago erupted in riots when word that MLK was assassinated got out. The same thing happened in Baltimore. Thousands were injured and killed, and businesses were robbed and or burned, some of which did not ever reopen (LECTURE Feb 22). Post World War II the things people were fighting for were equality in the work place as well as in the streets. There was still a divide between lower class black and white people who have the same income because of skin color. People were concerned with maintain the “value of white” and we are always reminded of that when there is a racial violence and tension (Lecture Feb 22). The 1960s were a huge turning point for riots, they became violent and fueled economic and political differences. The U.S. was in a difficult position during the 1970s and 19080s.
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