Past, Present, Future: American Indians and Latino Americans

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Ethnicity is likely to always play a role in how people interact in this country, how they build their unique sense of identity, how they perceive themselves and the world around them. Ethnic groups will always act differently especially in this country with such a diverse history, and plethora of people of different backgrounds. American Indians are a group that will has an interesting set of challenges because they are a minority in the United States that did not emigrate from another country, but were essentially victims of American Manifest Destiny. American Indians have gone through a lot of hardship in this country and continue to struggle with modern day America as they try to uphold their proud traditions. On the other hand Latinos…show more content…
The relocation forced some nomadic tribes to learn to live in a new environment that they were not used to, very much like many other tribes as they were being introduced into a new way of life that they had not been used to. Forced relocation was not the worst of the issues this group of people have, often times “war” broke out between the Natives and the invading Caucasians (American Indians), and the term “war” is used loosely as it can generally be considered a genocide the way this group of people was treated. This is a broad and very vague history of what American Indians have had to deal with over the course of American history, and it cannot in any way be a fair explanation to the amount of grief and suffering this group has been exposed to over the years. It is sad to admit that their suffering is not quite over, and in modern American, what is left of the proud culture is threatened as many of the traditions and customs become antiquated. Icons and traditional symbols become nothing more that exotic, trendy images to be printed on items for modern day’s hip youth. Contemporary America is vastly different from the way life would be handled, varying from tribal affiliation to tribal affiliation. There is definitely an “us versus them” kind of mentality when it comes to the large amount of natives that are yet to be assimilated, that still celebrate their heritage and enjoy a more
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