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My Past, Present, and Future William L Lyons PSY 202 Steve Dashiell July 30, 2010 My Past, Present and Future I. What things do I remember about my childhood? a. My Family b. My first Girlfriend c. My mother’s accident d. Good times and Bad e. My sister II. What I did after I left High School. a. U. S. Navy b. Tilton Fire Department and Ambulance c. Police department d. Transportation. III. What are my personal, professional and Academic Goals? a. Things I have already accomplished. b. My professional goals that I have already accomplished c. Were my Academic goals will lead me? My Past, Present and Future As a very small child I…show more content…
Linda seemed to me she was already grown up into an adult even though she was only five years older than I was. I don’t ever recalling my sister taking time for herself, she was always doing something with mom to help the family out. How did any of us know how important it was going to be that my sister was learning everything she could from mom back then. My sister would have such a huge impact on my brother Jim and me in the very near future. My brother Jim and I were also five years apart and he would follow me everywhere I Went. Of course at the time I did not like this little snot nosed kid following me around, but later in life it became a treasure in my memories that I will never forget. I had no Idea that back then what an impact this was having, and what a large input into my life it would be later in the years. I lost my little brother in 1982 at age 22 in an accident at my parent’s home. Jim was taking down a C.B antenna and it struck a high power line that ran into the local General Motors plant. Jim was killed instantly. As Erickson’s stated in his psychosocial development theory,” which refers to the development within the social environment in which a person lives, primarily focusing on relationships with other people” (Simanowitz & Pearce. 2003). This had brought back memories of how my relationship was when we were little. I was always kind of upset with Jim because he was one of those kids that had that

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