Past Present and Future

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Past Present and Future Paper
October 15, 2006 Introduction
The University of Phoenix (UOP) has helped working adults turn long-term goals into short-term goals by using an accelerated curriculum. The Bachelor of Science in Management program is designed to develop professional knowledge and skills of general managers in their organization or professional industry by improving organizational effectiveness (University of Phoenix, 2006). UOP 's mission statement focuses on student learning and takes the team approach to learning, similar to every day real world business. Two years ago, while riding in an elevator a fellow employee told me about the University of Phoenix, and I was drawn to a program that would hasten my
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If you absolutely love what you do day after day, then your career will take care of itself. This statement is from my past. Too bad, it has taken me to the present and probably into the future to figure out that, my passion is helping! Helping children, and serving as an advocate for people, is my passion.
Barbara 's Present Due to the elimination of my past position by a non-motivating dictatorial boss, my present career is my passion. The elimination of my position actually served as a means to place me in an environment that I love. Having the ability to work part time has also given me the additional time needed to devote to my education. Continuing education, along with the desire to succeed are required tools for everyday living. Sharing education tools and encouragement are also part of being effective. I want to share and educate, and I want to do that now. Today I have a better focus. With encouragement from family, friends, and now children, I can see the end of this educational journey I started so long ago, and can concentrate on my next journey. Finding an educational institution that is geared to the way we learn and the way we work leads to educational success. Working in teams as most individuals do everyday, makes sense. Receiving my degree in Business Management will aid in setting my next measurable goal.
In the two learning years with UOP, I have taken eighteen classes. Each has been unique because of

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