Past, Present, and Future of Computers

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Past, Present, and Future of Computers Imagine being able to do almost anything right from your own living room. You could order a pizza, watch cartoons, or play video games with people from around the entire world. All are possible today with your computer. The beginnings of the computer started off in a rather unique way. It was first used to produce intricate designs with silk, a task far to long a tedious for a human to do constantly. It's really unbelievable how the computers changed from that to what they are now. Today, computers are completely astounding. The possibilities are endless. Who knows where they will take us in the years ahead. The computer is the most influential piece of equipment that has ever been…show more content…
The only reason magnetic tape backups are used today is because of the space which is needed in order to backup an entire computer. Memory for today's computers consist of RAM or ROM. ROM is unchangeable and stores the computers most vital componants, it's operating instructions. Without this, the computer would be completly inoperable. Programs today use the instructions in the ROM to complete the tasks the program is attempting. This is why you cannot use IBM programs on a Macintosh, the ROM and operating systems are different, therefor the programing calls are different. Some powerful computers today can complete both sets of tasks because they have both sets of instructions in the stored in the ROM. The reason ROM is unchangeable is because of people who don't know what they are doing could mess things up on their computer forever. RAM is the temporary memory that is in a computer. This is the memory that is used by programs to complete their tasks. RAM is only temporary because it requires a constant electrical charge. Once the computer is shut off, the RAM loses everything that was in it. That is why you lose work that you have done if the power goes of and you didn't save it first. If something needs to be saved, it is either saved to the hard disk within the computer or a floppy disk. With today's networking capabilities, things can be saved on completly seperate
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