Past Success And Future Performance

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Past Success and Future Performance Many indices used to predict future performance are lagging. These lagging indices use previous outcomes coupled with some forward looking projections to determine if performance will remain steady, improve or become worse. The method is heavily reliant on historical performance. Clairmount (2013) credits George Santayana with first stating “those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it”. The premise, if one does not learn from the past the past will reoccur. While this can be both undesirable and desirable events, the key element is learning and adjusting to achieve desired outcomes or mitigate risks. This element of living off of past success can hinder future outcomes without proper analysis and planning. Trapp (2013) found past experiences and success of CEO’s actually hinder their performance with new assignments. The analysis found these CEO’s tended to apply a lesson learned from a past situation to a similar situation. In other words they took a shortcut to their decision, as opposed to using analytics and information. Trapp contends experience is a positive element but continuing to rely on analytics to support decisions remains a foundation to positive outcomes. This analysis will evaluate a hypothetical situation in which a request for funding a quality improvement initiative is met with resistance. This resistance is due to recent reductions in organizational resources and leadership beliefs that
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