Past and Current Drug Trends

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Past and Current Drug Trends Many past and current trends of the use and abuse of drugs in the United States have been associated with health and social trends that at times may have been considered culturally acceptable. Many trends have occurred since early times. The nineteenth century introduced advancement in modern medicines making several medicinal drugs popular, but by the end of the century was being considered a complicated matter. The twentieth century showed great concern amongst the American people for substance abuse and trends of usage and abuse changed as quickly as the decades past by. The drug usage and abuse now is very regulated and campaigned against misuse of licit drugs and the abuse of illicit drugs. Early…show more content…
But the development of crack cocaine appeared in 1985 and was cheap and readily available (Levinthal, 2012). Now during the twenty first century Americans have a better awareness of drugs both licit and illicit and are continuing to fight the war on drugs. While the acceptance of many drugs has been through ups and downs over the last decade or so, it is no longer accepted today. Marijuana has had its times of acceptance during shamanism times and hippie times. Many psychoactive drugs have had acceptance during times when medicine was not as developed as it is today. Cocaine and heroine also had times of acceptance in medicines and substances through the years such as cocaine in the early years of Coca Cola. But with modern science and the history of knowledge of what drugs can do to a person, Americans can finely be well informed of the consequences of drug and substance abuse. Although America is going through a time when prescription medicines may become the drug of choice, there are regulations and help options to help those with addictions. It is safe to say that with drug use comes criminal activity now, while many drug using Americans steal to fund their habits or doctors breach their trust to provide their patient with prescription pain killers. Smoking cigarettes although not illegal has become a campaign on its own while Americans fight the

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