Past and Current Drug Trends in America

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Past and Current Drug Trends in America Sarah Pierce PSY425 October 25, 2010 Scharlene De Horney Past and Current Drug Trends in America Drugs come in many forms and from many places. Drugs have been around since the beginning of time and people have been using them since they discovered them. Drug use began thousands if not a hundred thousand years ago as humans started exploring their environment. People would see a new plant or observe an animal’s behavior after consuming the plant, and out of curiosity, they would experiment with it or taste it. This is how some of the drugs we know today came about. Cocaine, opium, LSD, peyote, and marijuana all come from plants that primitive people discovered while tasting the environment…show more content…
Marijuana is still and probably always will be a widespread used drug. Amphetamines are a major problem here in Arizona, especially among teens and young adults. Arizona started a large-scale media campaign in the beginning of 2010 known as “The Arizona Meth Project”. The purpose of this project is to inform the youth of the risks and the effects of using meth. Also in Arizona, there is a rise in crack cocaine use. Young people have on recreational drug experimentation is mixed. Some, if not most young adults and teens believe that drugs are bad. Nevertheless, there are always those who see nothing wrong with ‘living’ a little’. Appropriate Use of Illicit Drugs In some cases, the public views the use of illicit drugs as acceptable. Some of these illicit drugs are acceptable for medicinal purposes and some are acceptable because of religion. Many people believe in the medicinal value of marijuana. “Marijuana is the most commonly used illicit drug in the United States. Many advocates consider marijuana a harmless, or even beneficial, substance that should be made legal”(Medical Marijuana, 2010. para.1). In fact, in recent years there have been propositions put on the ballot to legalize marijuana in many states. In California and some other states, patients with a cannabis card and a prescription can purchase and use marijuana. Marijuana helps with pain, anxiety, and many other medical issues. In some cases, the use of amphetamines is
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