Past and Current Trends with Drug Use Essay

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Past and Current Trends of Drug Abuse in the United States Drug abuse has changed over the years due to the trends that Americans face from the encouragement of different cultures. The abuse of substances creates many health problems. The following will discuss the past and current trends of drug use and the effects these drugs have on the health of the individuals who abuse the drugs. The use of cocaine in the United States has declined over the last twenty years while the use of crack has increased. Many people avoided the use of crack because of the harmful chemicals used in creating the drug. One of the reasons why crack became popular is because of not needing to inject the drug hence less risks of being infected by the AIDS…show more content…
Blood pressure is affected by the use along with sexual function. The abuse of marijuana is one from the past and continues to be a trend in today's time. An epidemic of marijuana smoking began by 1935, which caused laws to be enacted against the use of marijuana not for medical use. Heroin use has changed over the years. Injection is the best way to administer higher levels of heroin in the body. Along with cocaine users, heroin users also fear contracting the AIDS virus from needles. The fear has led heroin addicts to snorting the drug through the nasal passages and smoking the drug. Heroin is highly addictive and is one drug many have a hard time withdrawing from and staying clean. Withdrawal from heroin can sometimes take several weeks or months. Respiratory depression, nausea, and other health problems related to opioids are normal health problems associated with heroin use. The use of methamphetamine, known mainly as "meth" was first known in the late 1980's. The crystal form is cooked and smoked as crack cocaine is used. Methamphetamines in the past was injected, but as the other drugs discussed users fear the risks of "dirty needles" and now smoke the drug. Problems associated with methamphetamines include high blood pressure, and heart failure. Among the side effects of the abuse, which are not fatal, are dry mouth, sweating, headaches, and sleeplessness. Many users will use this drug in binges and go for weeks without

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