Pasta and Fashion: A Futuristic Point of View and Research

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When I was 7 years old little girl, I had a big Europe tour with my family. I saw, listened, and ate many things in many European countries, but Italy was my favorite country. After the trip even though I visited Italy several times more, I still loved the culture, food, fashion, and history of Italy. Therefore, in the end, I decided to study fashion design in Milan.
While I was staying in Italy, I made lots of Italian friends and could get into the culture.

Especially I realized that Italy has very strict eating rules and various kinds of food. Although I come from Asia, each country uses basically only one type of rice. However Italians use the rice from short grain to long grain. Imagine ‘Pasta’! Obviously pasta has an enormous variety, and all pasta shapes demonstrate their differences and help to identify the individual characteristics that make them particularly suitable for certain sauces.
In a foreigner’s point of view, they don’t care even if it is linguine or spaghetti. For them, it is just a pasta. However Italians are different, they think that the shape of pasta changes the taste completely. For this reason they choose right pasta shape to go with the right sauce.


Story In 2407, travelling the space is no longer a dream. Life has spread all around the solar system and beyond and earth is no longer the only planet we can live in. Therefore everybody wants to travel and visit other planets just as they wanted to visit other countries centuries ago. In

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