Pastor Sharpe Research Paper

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Isidore E. Sharpe
Professor George Henderson
PPC – 102
4 February 2016
Pastoral Care Mid-term
Pastor Sharpe has being the senior pastor of World Conqueror Christian Ministry for about 15 years, and has being the pastor of John and Linda Redfern for about eight years. The John and Linda Redfern have two teenage children, John Jr and Joshua. John was sentenced on January 8, 2013 to prison for three years on a robbery charges. John was a faithful and active member, served in a number of ministries, such as teacher for Christian Education, youth leader, as well as, a trustee for 5 years, prior to going to prison. They were a model family for other young marriages.
John is schedule to get released from state penitentiary on January 8, 2016. Pastor
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He had some deep concerns about the static of the family; he is aware that they will need counseling, due to his years of study. His arrival at the home, he finds Linda in state of disbelief. Healing can only take place when a person comes to the reality of situation. Without any doubt, Pastor Sharpe knows that every person deals with grief differently. So he allowed each one to share with open on how they were feeling, while he concentrates on being presently active in listening. He accurately responds with warm words, proper voice tone, and good body language. Pastor Sharpe advised each one to come in for some one-on-one pastoral counseling, as well as, some family counseling sessions. He recognizes that Linda is grieving, which is to be expected, because of the circumstances surrounding death of John. This death came as a shock to everyone, even the family. Grief from sudden death can cost the feelings of numbness and shock, making it hard to come to reality of what has transpired. The mind cannot yet accept the overwhelming pain, the reality that the person is really gone. Accepting the full reality of the loss must eventually occur or the healing will be incomplete. (Clinebell, pg.
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