Pastoral Care And Pastoral Counseling Process

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The minister or pastor had many tasks which are preaching, church administration, liturgical leadership and pastoral care. Indeed one of his problems in attaining self-knowledge is the necessity of coming to terms with so many demands and the discrepancy between what he conceives as his chief ministry and the preoccupation with running the church. Two points concerning the vocational aspect of the minister’s self-knowledge need special attention. First, the pastor must work out his definition of what of what is distinctive in his counseling as pastor. Second, the pastor must be a theologian, and the kind of practical theologian who can keep theological concepts in significant relation to human experience. II. Theological reflection on pastoral care and the pastoral counseling process What is the relationship between theology and the work of pastoral care and counseling? The theological reflection on pastoral care and the pastoral counseling process have several directions one may take. I believe that this topic is huge and I am going swam around it because it is not my subject of interest. I believed that theology is the heart which we discourse about God. But remember every one of us have its own theology sort of. Each person has some idea about the nature of the universe, about humanity, and about the purpose of life. Sometimes you may find someone who says that they are an atheist or know about atheist. Somehow they may have been raised in a church but now have

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