Pastoral Counselling And The Ethnic Church Context

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Published article-reading and analysis

Nupur James

Pastoral Counselling in the Ethnic Church Context
PAST 0653

Instructor: Dr. Vincent Poon
Date: February 9th, 2016

“Counselling attempts to provide encouragement and guidance for those who are facing losses, decisions or disappointments. As a Christian counsellor we seek to bring people in to relationship with Christ and help them to find forgiveness and relief.” In this paper we will aim to analyse the Journal article written by Thomas G. Plante on Integration Spirituality and Psychotherapy: Ethical issue and Principles to consider. In this paper we will try to evaluate the article, understand how it deals with different issues of temperaments and how it can
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I would like to bring our attention to RRICC approach to ethical decision making. In order to continue to integrate spiritual matters into professional work, there are different types of ethical issues that must be considered. “RRICC stands for the value of respect, responsibility, integrity, competence and concern. These values are highlighted in the ethic code and we will be using this model to highlight ethical issue in spirituality and psychotherapy integration.”
“The RRICC model focuses on “respect for peoples’ right and dignity”. In the past, deeply spiritual people were often considered as defended, insecure, deluded, and thought to be suffering. They were considered logically dysfunctional needing treatment.” The 2002 APA Ethics Code and other expert ethic codes now explain the need to regard the convictions and qualities related with religion, deep sense of being and to abstain from pathologizing the individuals who look for religious and profound development. While we are not required to agree with all faith convictions and religious beliefs, we need to respect it. This journal article states that most of the people, who are spiritually active, are more concern about their mental well-being. While we experience no difficulty in working cooperatively with doctors, teachers and instructors, or lawyers as required for our clients, we should now add ministry and religious leader to this list and understand to work with them. This
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