Pastoral Ministry Is An Occupation Different From Any Other

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Pastoral Ministry is an occupation different from any other. Pastors are often young, inexperienced, and ill-equipped for the challenges which face them when they enter the ministry. Many careers allow one to work their way up toward leadership positions. This gives time for education, training, and experience to solve or prevent many of the issues young or new pastors face. New pastors may enter at a lower level than the lead pastor and in this way, gain some experience and have someone to offer guidance for them. There are also intern programs available. However, all of this differs widely and often a new pastor is in their early twenties and has no relevant experience for the position they now hold in the church. This can lead to many dangers for the new pastor.
I have many years of mid-management experience, am much more mature than the average new pastor, I am also much older than average. This does not mean I will not face certain pitfalls in my ministry. I have dealt with a few and have come to understand more recently. There are three major issues I feel I have in my life which can, do, or likely will interfere with my effectiveness as a minister of the Gospel, isolation, losing my awe for God, and forgetting who I am and who God is are the issues I will focus on in my personal ministry plan. I will discuss each as they relate to me and how I plan to avoid succumbing to them and in turn damaging or destroying my ministry. Pastors tend to isolate themselves from

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