Pastoral Psychology: Family Analysis

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Developmental Stages AP is a Dutch male in his late fifties. His wife, ASP, is a partially Native American and Caucasian female who is in her late forties. According to Erikson’s developmental stages, both AP and ASP are in middle adulthood and their crisis is generativity v. stagnation (Pastoral Psychology, Vol 53.). AP and his wife do not have children so creating a legacy through parenting cannot play itself out. They both, however, have nieces and nephews who they are exceptionally close to. Interviewing both and AP and ASP there was no evidence of stagnation or self-centeredness. Their relationships with their nieces and nephews demonstrate their impact on the next generation. ASP brought them up in the interview conversation…show more content…
Throughout the interview one could easily see the influence of their family support system in the midst of their struggles (9 Family Strengths). Another strength shown is the communication between AP and ASP (9 Family Strengths). Having only two members in a family unit really gives way for many personal conversations. The couple has a strong bond and can communicate with their own unspoken language. This is also presented throughout the times they spend spent together. When the family gets together, communication is an important to way of living for them. This way of communicating is a way that could potentially help with AP’s mother’s loss of memory. Communication is key in their household and is shown even to strangers interviewing them. Within all of the support and communication comes unity. Interviewing the family together only seemed right. AP and ASP really have a bond that cannot be broken. They speak of each other with honor, respect, and kindness. This all still happens in the middle of a crisis- they are encouraged to move forward through their trail, they communicate through each crisis , which brings them closer together (9 Family Strengths). Family’s Experiences AP was born in Denmark and moved to Canada at the age of 2, when he was around three years old him and his family moved to California from Canada. AP is a Dutch citizen who has a permanent resident visa from the United States. His
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