Pastoral Reflection. In Retrospect, This Professional Project

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Pastoral Reflection In retrospect, this Professional Project has presented some challenges, as well as encouragement. Emphasis was placed on prayer due to the culture of the community and its connection with some of the biblical characters. Selective hymns from the A.M.E. Hymnal, along with contemporary songs served as spiritual connectors to the veterans’ faith. Traditionally, the veterans have been instructed to pray when conditions were good as well as bad. Furthermore, when conditions were troublesome, singing a hymn or humming a song would ease their burdens. The veterans realized through prayer; faith makes a difference. I hope the veterans understand the importance of intercessory prayer or meditation. One of the objectives for the…show more content…
So now arise go over this Jordan, you and all this people, into the land which I am giving to thee and the Israelites.” The Lord further said to Joshua, “As I was with Moses, so I will be with you; I will not fail you or forsake you.” When I reflect on this conversation between God and Joshua, I have the assurance, that God has not changed and the spiritual ramifications overwhelmed me. The veterans can reflect on the conversation between God and Joshua and realize the same God that was with Joshua; also, protected them during their military service and will continue throughout their Christian journey as disciples. The veterans can discover valuable spiritual resources, which are embedded in the scriptures when Joshua completed the assigned task through obedience. The veterans can also integrate spiritual faith into their daily encounters with the Lord by being obedient. Paul was another intriguing biblical character who accepted a mission assigned by Jesus the Christ. Even though Paul thought that he was headed in the right direction, the encounter with Christ near Damascus, according to Acts 1:3, puts then Saul on another path. However, Christ informs Saul of his assignment and task visibly in Acts 1:6. Paul experienced a transformation which altered his self-understanding and the way he employed his many gifts. Paul’s mission was to preach and teach the gospel of Jesus the Christ to the Gentile nations. (Acts
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