Pasturella Pestis

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Pasturella pestis, also called Black Death or plague was remained undiscovered for 500 years. This lethal decease began in the mid of 13 century and rapidly surpassed borders of Sicily, where it was brought with the sick sailors on the traded ship from the Black Sea. The plague extensively passed through the Central Asia, reached to the most of European countries, and literally extended from India to Iceland. Ruthlessly eroded half of the population it became a real menace for that time. People of that time were able to concede that the infection came from the close physical contact with the sick and their clothes, houses and infected the bloodstream and another infected the lungs , and in this case the decease was spread by air and…show more content…
Anyone must inhibit and comply to church orders. And of course manages a herd of ignorant sheep that much easier. Church showed obvious contempt for science. The only doctrine they created –a great fallacy, a myth with some fictious facts would be be decieved and forgotten by themselves as soon as the Plague , the decease will step in their country. Fear of death is stronger than a religion. So instead of fortifying and taking care of moral, which could help people to struggle church priests even denied to come to pray or take a confession. In our days church doesn’t play such a sufficient role in politics and progress of science, it serves more moral needs of the population, it even helps to keep old traditions and cultural values . As a matter of fact medical thinking was influenced by astrological and other divine signs too. Without necessary laboratory equipment like microscopes doctors assumed that the main source for the infection could be found in air, but to make it more clear for the average man, they created the idea of god’s punishment as the explanation of plague. Except just several brave groups of people no help was received from doctors. Doctors afraid of taking care for the sick, they thought that all their efforts would be a failure and failed. They didn’t have not only professional knowledge, but also simple integrity. In our days we would take drastic steps, make radical agendas for retrieving sick people into

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