Patagonia: Leading a Green Revolution Essay

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Case Study Four
Patagonia: Leading a Green Revolution

1) Patagonia has a history of putting sustainability ahead of profits. Based on what you learned about Patagonia’s ideals, how do you think the company determines what possible ventures will be both business practical and environmentally friendly?

Patagonia determines how its possible ventures will be both business practical and environmentally friendly by turning their company into a eco friendly environment. It clearly states this in their mission statement. “ Build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis” Their main focus is going “green” to help the environment but also using business as a
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He has had the company set an online library in which documents are posted. An example being “ the footprint chronicles,” a guideline in which employees are shown how to make rational decisions. Even after Yvon is gone employees should continue to do this so that when someone new is hired they understand exactly what the company is about and how to handle different situations they may encounter in this business. Yvon is also very big on giving back to the environment. The company will donate 10 percent of pre- tax profits to environmental causes. This is something the company should keep doing down the road to keep their mission statement alive about being environmentally friendly. By adapting to Yvon Chouinard's ideals, they will become a permanent part of Patagiona.

3) Identify the stakeholders using figure 4.10.

The four main Stakeholder that stood out to me for Patagonia is employees, customers, communities and owners. Patagonia focus on giving back to its employees by allowing them to leave work in order to do what they love, helping the environment. The company allows its employees to leave work to volunteer for causes they believe in and these employees will still receive full pay. The company believes that customers deserve the best quality that they can get. No matter how expensive the material may be, Patagonia always comes through by

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