Patagonia's Sustainability Strategy : DonT Buy Our Products Case Study

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Consumption is a total idealistic practice that has little in common with the actual satisfaction of needs or the principle of reality as there is no moderate consumption at all. A consumer society is a set of relationships where the symbolism of material objects acting as the meaning of life dominates attracting consumers to acquire things and thereby grant themselves a certain status. The case study ‘Patagonia’s Sustainability Strategy: Don’t Buy Our Products’ prepared by Zahir Dossa discusses consumerism and the way Patagonia has decided to challenge this phenomenon. The case study emphasizes on negative waste impacts of consumerism on the environment providing justification why people should purchase only necessary things and protect…show more content…
Both ideas have become popular among the consumers, which also supports the fact that Chouinard should continue challenging consumerism and encourage other businesses to do the same.
The study of how Patagonia has managed to reduce the negative impacts of consumerism on the environment allows realizing that the organization should follow this path to continue fighting the negative consequences. In particular, Patagonia should study the way how materials are produced and processes that are involved in manufacturing regarding the negative impact on the environment. In the event of positive results, the company can post its findings in Footprint Chronicles on its website to make the information accessible for everyone and raise concerns regarding the issue. This tactic was already used by the management in 1996 during the transition from the conventional to organic cotton and the introduction of the Footprint Chronicles to standardize the approach (Dossa 3). Another effective company’s strategy is the allocation of 1% of sales or 10% of profits (whichever is greater) to environmental initiatives (Dossa 2). The funds have been used for charitable initiatives. At the same time, Patagonia has managed to adopt this practice so that other companies started following its example. The ‘1% for the Planet’

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