Pataki Death Penalty

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The death penalty is a controversial topic that people have been debating for a number of years. We often hear ‘an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.’ The death penalty can be interpreted by this maxim, which means the murderer should get punished to match their crime. If you kill someone, then you should pay back with life. In the article “The Death Penalty Is a Deterrent,” the author, George E. Pataki argues that the death penalty is “a necessary tool to fight and deter crime” because it creates a feeling of fear of death to murderers (Pataki 10). Since Pataki took office he immediately reinstated the death penalty; “the violent crime has dropped 23%” (Pataki 11). Pataki uses the data to reflect the significant decline of the crime rate.…show more content…
Everyone’s life is very important, so making the decision of someone’s life and death is also important. In fact, under the protection of the death penalty, we will also accidently have executed some innocent lives; life without parole gives the innocent an opportunity for rehabilitation and gives the criminal a chance to turn over a new leaf. Life imprisonment may not be the best way to punish the criminal but compared to the death penalty it is a better choice. There is not any scientific evidence that shows the death penalty creates a sense of fear of death to criminals. Actually, most of the criminals committed crimes in the heart of passion, influence by drugs and alcohol, and some of the criminals have mental illness. The death penalty cannot deter the crime because it sounds scary. Pataki also provides the data of the crime rate in 1995 to demonstrate the death penalty can effectively deter crime happening. The data he provides is very compelling, but not convincing because it lacks of evidence and a reference; According to the research collected by Criminal Justice Legal Foundation, they collected the research did by different group and found out the fundamental flaws with existing studies on deterrence: “Estimates of the effect of capital punishment are based on statistical models that make assumptions that are not credible” (Deterrence). Later on, Pataki mentions about the victim’s families. From the words of victim’s parent, they consider the death penalty as a tool of retribution for their daughter, but it should not be used in this way. If revenge cannot stop, it will lose more
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